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Features & Benefits of PDA


On-site medical director and chief medical officer.

Clinical expertise to support contracting and claims administration.


Market research and development.

PDA provides analysis and recommendation for new marketplace situations. Accountable Care Organizations, Medical Homes, ERISA contracting and tele-medicine.


Ongoing direct contracting opportunities, existing managed care contracts

& government-funded agreements.

PDA members stay ahead of the “change curve” in managed care and innovative healthcare delivery.


Competent credentialing with protection of confidential data.

Increased efficiency and reduced cost for credentialing.


Full-service management utility with access to a wide array of healthcare business models.

Review of new company start-ups and access to electronic medical record, legal services, wealth management, medical malpractice insurance at optimum rates, long term care and disability insurance, group health coverage including catastrophic and dental/vision insurance.