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Non-profit IPA Serving DFW Physicians since 1992

Physician Owned & Operated

Primary Source Verification

Contracting for Physician & Allied Health

Credentialing for Physician & Allied Health


Credentials verification and network contracting made easy!

In addition to PDA’s inherent value of contracting and credentialing over 30 payor plans, its board is constantly pursuing new sources of income for its physician members.  PDA is not your traditional IPA.  Renewed and re-invigorated by its aggressive MSO operating company led by Harris “Buddy” Miers, the management team has over 150 years of combined experience in healthcare management.  The management team actively seeks opportunities for its physicians by creation of healthcare networks such as the Flagship Physician Network, a direct contracting, “Narrow Network” plan, and a robust Population Health service. 


PDA is the a valued IPA for a major NYSE listed hospital company. Members operate within the hospital sponsored Clinically Integrated Healthcare Organization (CIO). In addition, PDA participates in a special Medicare Advantage Plan that contains upside bonus for participating physicians with no downside risk. Every effort is being made to participate with “ pay-for-performance“ guidelines.  


PDA can convert your present Medicare patients into a higher paying profile with no increase in work load. In this time of new healthcare opportunities, PDA delivers significant value and leadership to its members.